Body Positivity Series

I asked a few of my friends if I could photograph them, highlighting the parts of their bodies they are most insecure about. I wanted them to know how beautiful they are and that their insecurities aren’t as noticeable as they may think.

It is important to love who you are and the body you’re in. Along with myself, everyone needs a reminder of that sometimes. These photos show that beauty is based on self perception. I want these pictures to be a showcase of body positivity and let people know that beauty isn’t defined to a single body type.


Jenna and Layken

The unparalleled love between a mother and daughter.


Come Away to the Water

Sailors warned of sirens luring them with the harmonic voices to the sailors’ demise. This collection of photos brings these myths to life.


At the Seashore

Flowing in the wind, Lindsey lets her ginger hair free in this album of photographs.


An Ode to Summer

In the heat of summer, it is good to let loose and have fun.

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After the Rain

While tornadoes are not common in my hometown of Wilcox, Pennsylvania, they happen once every few years. These photos were taken after a tornado touched down a mile from my house. Within destruction comes beauty. With dark comes the light. After an afternoon storm comes the evening sunset. Captured is the beauty of a post storm paradise.