Narrative storytelling has been at the core of my existence since preschool when I would gather the other children during recess and tell them long fictitious stories. My love for storytelling naturally transitioned into filmmaking at an early age. After years of experience in the medium, I try to bring my own perspective to every film I make. I portray characters that I find compelling and tell stories that are original. My ultimate goal is to show characters that express the raw human condition. I want the audience to see themselves in my characters and to sympathize and root for them.

Diverse storytelling is where the future is heading and I plan to be a factor in this progression. I want to tell stories that encapsulate the lives of those who do not normally get a voice. As a member of the LGBT community, one of my goals is to bring our stories to the big screen. I want the LGBT narrative to be normalized. My dream is to have an LGBT lead and have them simply referred to as a lead with no adjective describing their sexuality. With my films, I want to brighten someone’s day, to spark imagination, to remind the audience that life is beautiful. Everyone has a story and I am ready to tell mine.

Monogamy Killed Romance

The bashful Orville Rosenberg confronts his promiscuous wife about their polyamorous
agreement when Rosalyn abuses it for the last time.

Greta, My Love

Greta, an independent elderly woman, stubbornly fights for her independence against a loving caretaker.

Cotton Tail

A little boy and his imaginary friend grow apart.

A Boy Named Skye

A statement piece about the overly sexualized gay community, A Boy Named Skye follows a young man trying to find true love in the toxic hook up culture of the gay community.


A street drummer and a tap dancer find a common bond over their love for a good beat.

Dressed Up and Naked

Lucas struggles with his masculine identity and tries to hide his self expression from his fiancé.

Today My Plant Came to Life

After thinking he sees a houseplant move across the table, Avery tries whatever it takes to catch the plant move again.

21st Century Love Story

Exploring the way couples interact in the digital age, Freddie and Emma fight to keep their relationship together.